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New Biz Stimulus Program 2021


The New Biz Stimulus Program is provided by the International Development Fund for Small Business Assistance (IDF-SBA). Citizens of the United States who are creating a startup venture and are affected by Covid-19 or are indigenous/minority/women-owned businesses are eligible for funding.

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Get The Credit You Deserve.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we know starting a business is expensive. Sometimes all we need is a hand-up to start to bring value to the marketplace. That is why we created the International Development Fund for Small Business Assistance. We'll Help You Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!
About Us

We Finance The Tools You Need To Start and Grow.

Every startup needs the same tools, services, products and resources to startup. We will finance everything you need for a professional business presence. From a professional business telephone system to business cards, from a branded social media space to a professional web presence, we have you covered. We will provide all the major tools and coach you through using them to help you successfully launch your business.
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How We Can Help You

  • You need another chance at success, but don't have the full resources you once had
  • You have a dream that needs some support to bring to reality
  • You can have a great impact if you could get financing, coaching and mentoring
  • If you do not have enough cash on hand or credit available to finance your new startup venture
  • You need help in selecting vendors like web designers
  • You need coaching to help you reach your maximum potential as an entrepreneur
  • You want to get started right away but your finances would force you to miss your current business opportunity
  • You want to have a professional business image that doesn't  look like you just have a small side-hustle
  • You realize you could achieve a higher level of success if you could have some expenses stretched over time
  • You understand that a professional business image brings more customers empowering you to make payments easier
Click HERE To Apply Now!There is a one-time, non-refundable
application fee of $9.95

98% Approval Rate

There is NO Credit Check, No Security Deposits, No Personal Guarantees Necessary. Best of all you are charged NO Interest. That's right, 0% Interest!

This is not a loan or grant. IDF-SBA simply offers you an easy payment plan on the expenses of business products and services. With the exception of our cash advance programs, we do not directly issue cash. We pay select vendors directly on your behalf. Your business contact info is held as collateral until the balance is paid in full.
Click HERE To Apply Now!There is a one-time, non-refundable
application fee of $9.95

You Qualify If...

  • You are a US Citizen
  • You are AT LEAST 18 Years Old
  • You are looking to start a new business or offer a new service (or existing business LESS THAN 2 years old)
AND you are considered ONE of the following:
  • You are an Indigenous Native American- Owned Business
  • You are a Minority-Owned Business
  • You are a Woman-Owned business
  • You have been specifically impacted financially by Covid-19
  • MERCHANT Account
    - FREE (a $1500 Value. Separate Application/qualification required.)
  • Full Point Of Sale POS SYSTEM (Inventory/Checkout Computer, barcode scanner, Cash Drawer, and receipt printer)
    - FREE (a $15,000 Value. Separate Application/qualification required.)
  • Merchant Processing CASH ADVANCE
    - FREE (Up to $1 Million. Separate Application/qualification required.)
Click HERE To Apply Now!There is a one-time, non-refundable
application fee of $9.95

Low, Easy Payments

Choose your funding amount from $2,500 to $50,000. Once approved, you simply select the products and services you need. 
Simply make one down payment of 10% of funding total and then make minimum monthly payments over time. Minimum due monthly is only 2% of the original balance.

As an example, if you selected funding of $2,500, you could make your first down payment of only $250 towards your balance (10% of $2,500). You would then only owe $2,250, which you would then pay off by making installment payments of at least the minimum amount of only $50 each month (2% of $2,500). You may also pay your balance in full at any time with no penalty.
Click HERE To Apply Now!There is a one-time, non-refundable
application fee of $9.95

Apply Now.

Funds have been allocated to approve 10,000 entrepreneurs through 2021 with up to a $50,000 business line of credit each. No credit checks, security deposits, or personal guarantees necessary.
Click HERE To Apply Now!There is a one-time, non-refundable
application fee of $9.95